Blue Screen of Death
I hate people right now.  I’ve been so anti social at work.  My friend Dan is the only one I can stand right now.
It’s tone.  It’s tone from people where even if they don’t say anything they are speaking their true feelings behind the words.
I’ve said it a million time before that someone can ask “Are you okay?”
And one can be serious concern like (it really looks like you hurt yourself, do I need to call an ambulance)
One can be comical like (I KNOW you’re okay, but when you slipped that was so funny but I have to be polite and ask, just in case you aren’t)
We can hear the tones in voices like “Psh – whatever”, or even “everyone is a freaking idiot around me”

We have a computer guy who I like less and less every week.  SOOOO cocky and self centered.  When we started playing Warcraft

“Oh yeah, I take that game very seriously, I don’t think many people are better than me.”  

So I try to be polite a few months ago and said, “What server are you on?” 

“For what?” 

“For Warcraft?”  
“I don’t play that anymore, it’s kind of babyish.  I play Warhammer Online.”
“I read Warhammer Online was a Warcraft Clone and people are frustrated with the interface and are coming back to Warcraft.”
“WRONG.  Those people just don’t know how to play games.”

Couple months later I hear a conversation between my friend Dylan and computer guy...

Dylan “Are you still playing Warhammer Online?”
Computer guy “No, they need to fix some bugs, and besides Warcraft is wayy better.”

Today I read a half dozen reviews on different credible computer websites, and told Dylan I was thinking about getting a Mac because they beat PC in EVERY single test hands down across the board.  So we got in a friendly debate about why PC or why MAC and it was pretty harmless (Dylan is a PC guy.)  Our computer guy comes in and Dylan (still playing around told him about our discussion) The guy was downright insulting .  Imagine asking “Why are you so frikin stupid?”

Take that exact tone and ask every question trying to disprove the research I just did online
I would start to answer 
He would ask another one
I would start to answer
So since NO ONE here ever used a MAC and is NOT going to take my side, I am not fighting the computer guy, I am now fighting the office- because he is the computer guy and knows sooo much.  

I didn’t want to talk about this.  I don’t want to talk about this at all.
If I walk away some member of the office clan “Steve why are you so upset?”
If I try to calmly explai…
I took a deep breath and said
I don’t really want to discuss this.
“That’s because you’re wrong”

I was under attack.  Fine - ahole fine.
“Is that why the iPhone, iPod, iTunes, ‘iBook, iMAC, iLife & iPhoto are the best programs, services and products in existence?
Is that why Internet Explorer, Windows Vista, or Windows ME fails?  Or why XBOX 360 burns out?  Where is Microsoft’s phone.  Nowhere because they can’t make ONE thing work.

“Steve, why are you so angry?”

Hmm.  No one thought the computer guy was angry…
In 15 years when Microsoft goes belly up, and Apple is the new fad.  He will say “I told people all along, but no one would listen…”

“Uh, excuse me computer guy, I believe I was telling you about MAC and you made me look like a fool.”

“Steve why are you so angry?”

10/6/2009 02:14:31 am

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fuck con
12/21/2009 02:08:22 pm

my compter guy sucks balls..
he fucking blocked facebook by accident apparently and now he cant com fix it coz he has a new born baby!!!



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