These are all pictures that I modified in some way or another.  Ralfonzo83 from YouTube is the only one who stops by and leaves comments, so whatever he wants, he gets.  If you are reading this for the first time, go to my blog page an leave a comment, and whatever you want to see... you get!

The first picture is one I drew on my lunch break.  It's me running over my ex-wife with a monster truck.

The second is actually not mone, but it deserves time in the spotlight.  This was a picture that my friend Aaron (see "Cookie Fail" on youtube) drew.  We were in a class to learn more about AutoCAD and so it really didn't matter what was drawn, we were just pracicing using the new features.  So yeah, he drew a redneck Camero on blocks.

Sancho?  Well, he will make you fall in love...

If you've never been to you need to.  That picture is me in 1950's attire.

The 5th one is a WarCraft Joke.  I emailed it to a friend of mine and he got to choose his reward.  It was either a middle finger, an ass, or Michael Jackson.  This was made before his death this year.

The last one is Speedyconkiwi drinking (coffee?) and I added the text to her killer poisonous cat. 

Here is some pictures of my super duper kick ass computer.

I know that no one really gives a shit about my super duper kick ass computer, because when I check the statistics on my website, there is usually only one visitor a day.  I am willing to bet my balls that its Ralfonzo83 from youtube.  Thank you Ralfonzo for keeping me going with this project, and so this website is entirely for you my friend.  If you are NOT Ralfonzo83 and actually took some time to look through my website, leave a comment on my blog page and I may actually put a little more effort into this.

I will get the specifications on the computer later.

The two pictures of me are screen shots for my YouTube videos and I thought they were kind of funny.  The last picture is of my son.  Every morning when we get ready for the day, he curls up on the counter.

Some of the greatest people I ever met were either in the Marines, or in the Army.  These are just SOME of my friends.  Keep visiting and I will add more!

IN The Army Now.

1. This is my friend Aaron wearing a road gurad vest as a thong.
2. Some of my friends looking bad ass.
3. My friend Larry, I called him "Rocky" because he talked like him.
4. My company photo.  I will give you $1,000.00 if you can find me.  If you're wrong, you have to pay me in sexual favors.
5. My freind Chris wearing a sheep suit while running a maraton and drinking chocolate milk afterwards.
6. Not Going anywhere for awhile?

My YouTube Friends.

1. Sugartalker
2. KenRG & Anakin1814
3. Ralfonzo83 and his horde.
4. Ralfonzo83
5. MusoSF, Anakin1814, and OhCurt in San Francisco

Wanna look smart?  Drink Old Style.

Old Style
Drinkin the Old Style
Wisconsin Army National Guard drinking Old Style planning on how I will take over the world.  This is the moment when I realized people are food.

A fat Gene Simons and a chicken

Gene Simmons and a Chicken
My son and I trick or treating on Halloween.  At this point I was up to 266 lbs.