How fat will you let yourself get?

Me at 265
If you are in your 20's I have some bad news for you.  Remember all those cheeseburgers, pizza and tacos you ate?  Remember all the beer you drank?  or soda you drank?  Guess what?  You've just trained your body to operate efficiently off of junk food.  And when you hit your 30's you think... Jesus, what happened?

Its simple.

If you put a frog in a pot of room temperature water, the frog wont jump out.  Put him in boiling water and he will - IT BURNS!

But if you put the frog in a pot of luke warm water and raise the temperature one degree, he won't notice.  raise it again and he still wont notice.  Eventually you will boil him alive and he will have never jumped out of the pot.  

Side note: This could be how Russian finalist Vladimir Ladyzhensky died at the World Sauna Championships.

Truly sad story there, but anyway back to my fatness.

Same thing goes with weight gain.  Will you freak out if you gain a pound tomorrow?  Of course not.  We look at ourselves everyday and never notice the tiny changes.  If one hair falls out we don't notice.  Its when we look in the mirror, and realize were gray, thinning hair, or just plain fat.  Being overweight is something that happens so slowly, that we slowly accept it.  And WORSE >>> once you get a job where you sit behind a desk, then the weight gain speeds up more.  Office Jockeys, Truck drivers... any job where your physical activity is slowed down will speed up weight gain.

So what do we usually do?  Go on a diet, hit the gym - and lose a few pounds, but it never works.  It never works because you still work at a desk job, and your still eating junk food.  

I see people stick with diets until they've lost the weight they want to lose and then its back to the snack machine, or back to bigger slices of pizza.


There are a zillion ways to do it.  And a lot work very well.  I am doing the Atkins diet.  If all you know about the Atkins diet is email rumors than I hate to say it but your wrong.  No Dr. Atkins did NOT die of his own diet, he died from hitting his head when slipping on ice.  Look it up.

If you love to work out, then I suggest Body For Life by Bill Phillips.

Whatever you choose, make sure you understand that it HAS to be a life changing thing.  Not a quick weight loss and back to donuts thing.

Below are some pictures and notes of me during my weight loss adventure.  I hope this helps and check back every week and I will post a new set of pictures for you to enjoy.


Check back each week to see results.
PLUS - It will keep me motivated.

265 lbs.  - Last picture was August 14 2010

Me at 255 lbs.  Aug 21 2010

I think I will only do shirtless pictures every other week or something.  It takes the wind out of your sails to see how fat you are, it takes even more to keep doing it.  So...  I WILL post more shirtless so you can see the weight loss, but for my sanity's sake, I will do some with the shirt on.  If you don't like it, tough booby.

Me at 251 lbs. Aug 30 2010

On A side note I thought I would show my tattoo I got when I was drunk and in the Marines.  That's it, no story, stupid tattoo, drunken Marine, shitty art.

If you've been following each week you'll noticed I stalled for a couple days.  I HAVE to stop checking the scale every day.  Since weight fluxuates every day, I would be bummed out when I gained a pound, and excited when I lost a pound.  I need to weigh myself once a week. 

This is me at 250.  Sept 8 2010

Okay, another shirted one.  There is only so much fatness the world can take, and I don't want to be a contributor to the worlds fatness, I want to be part of the solution, not the problem right?

Fuck man, I'm awesome.

This is me at 247.  YAY broke the 250 mark!  Sept 12 2010

No record setting results this time.

Me at 246.  Sept 20, 2010

Next week I will be in Seattle visiting my nephew for his wedding, so if I get a chance, I will upload from my brosephs' house.

Sorry no pictures this week.  went to Seattle for my nephews wedding.  Good times!