How did this guy turn out to be such a douche?

This is a dead ninja with knife in the eye.
In second grade we had "Career Day".  This was a little different than having Mom & Dad show up telling everyone they are a janitor or a professional kickboxer.  Instead there was a list of businesses that agreed to take a couple brats to their place of business and show them how to slice balogna or pluck a chicken.  When I walked into class I noticed the top sheet was for an AM radio station and you actually got to sit with the DJ.  When the teacher said "Okay now I have some sign up sheets here, who wants to..."  My hand was up and I was dooing the "OOO OOO" dance in my chair.  Needless to say - through my second grade tenacity, I got chosen to sit with a DJ for a day.  I know wha you're thinking and the answer is no.  No that day could NOT have gotten any more rad.

I have been on television a few times, once on a cable show called "Captain 11" where kids have their birthday and a drunken retired Veteran would have a "Captain Kangaroo" - type show  wishing children a happy birthday under his wiskey soaked breath.  That was cool, but it seemed like all the people that worked there were either assholes or afraid of the happy birthday clown man.

When I was a security guard I had a friend who worked in the same building who did the news for the area.  When my unit was deployed to Iraq, he interviewed me, because - well basically I was the only person he knew and he admitted that he hated asking people to tear away from their families so he could ask them how they felt about being deployed.  Since he was a subsidiary of ABC News, my interview was right after the World Series.  Again no, it could not have been more rad.  That was my moment of radness.  Pure radicalness.

With my brother's help at 12 years old he and I made some stop motion videos and a cartoon.   After two weeks of painting our cartoon characters on overhead transparency sheets, and using a Super8 for our medium, we quickly discovered that cartoons are really hard.

The stop motion was fun, and through trial and error we learned to get our hands out of the way from the lens and shadows play a big role in film too.

I loved to draw, and so I did a few comic strips for the college newspaper and I enjoyed it, but I felt like I could do more.

When I was deployed for "Operation Enduring Freedom" - which became "Operation Iraqi Freedom", I decided to do an hour and a half long documentary which was more of a challenge then I've ever had to do in regards to video editing.